Regarding consultation (sometimes referred to as executive coaching, life coaching, peak-performance coaching, sports psychology), my services are geared mostly towards individuals self-employed and/or small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Goals often include, but are not limited to, creating clear values and vision, increasing focus, potential, and peak-performance, while achieving better relationships, health, vitality, and spirituality. Methods utilized draw from positive psychology, sports psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, business literature, and the Shaolin arts (referring to Shaolin Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Zen).


For individuals seeking help, what differentiates therapy versus consulting is based on the desired outcome(s) and whether the individual has a psychiatric diagnosis. Basically, as a consumer, if you are contacting me and are hopeful your health insurance will reimburse you for your visits because of the problem(s) you are facing, then chances are you are seeking therapy. If, however, you do not believe you have a psychiatric diagnosis or do not have psychological issues prohibiting you from achieving your goals, but instead find yourself stuck or on a plateau, perhaps you are seeking consultation or coaching.  Regardless, I would be happy to discuss your situation to determine what avenue is best suited for your particular circumstances, and clarify how I can be of help